Welcome to Our Practice

Dentist Saint Paul, MN

It is our purpose to educate our patients and provide them with excellent dental care. For that reason, we've designed this website to provide the information you need to make healthy decisions about your mouth and teeth. We encourage you to browse our office page, service details, and patient education library whenever you have a question about our practice or your oral health.

Our goals:

--To encourage patients to understand the interconnectedness of mouth health, total body health and to achieve and maintain healthy oropharyngeal areas.

--To retain all natural teeth.

--To convince patients that minimally invasive dentistry combined with vigorous daily oral hygiene and high quality restorative dental services is the least expensive and most enduring method of care.

--To educate our patients to become the most knowledgeable and best-informed individuals among their relatives, friends, neighbors and community members.

Possessing excellent health is its own reward and should be your lifetime objective. If you have it, nothing else matters. If you don't, nothing else matters. Is it possible to have an unhealthy mouth and a healthy body? The scientific evidence against this is increasingly significant.