On the Important Task of Oral Hygiene/ Instructions:


First of all and very importantly:

Never multi-task with a toothbrush in your mouth (walking around, answering phone etc.). The toothbrush may drive into the rear of the oral and pharygeal area and can result in serious damage...


1. Rinse vigorously with warm water after each meal & before brushing until all particles have been removed (Check sink surface)*

2. Floss as demonstrated by yours truly.

3. Clean behind all four distal (back) teeth and through open contacts with gauze.

4. Clean dorsum (top) of tongue with gauze or appropriate scraper.

5. Brush as demonstrated with Colgate Enamel Health, Sensodyne Proenamel or other recommended paste.

6. Swish residual toothpaste as if it were mouthwash.

7. After removing toothpaste foam – rinse with Green Label Biotene for at least two minutes. Alternate: Act (If caries vulnerable)


Welcome to a very healthy mouth and longer life!


*Procedure becomes more important as we age and our risk for dental decay increases.